Meeting Materials


  Material & Docs

A Recovery Dharma online meeting script (PDF)

Meditation-Basic+Options (PDF)

What is Recovery Dharma (PDF)

Meeting Format (PDF)

Meditation-Equanimity (PDF)

Zoom Hosting Guide for RD (PDF)

The Practice (Long Form)

Forgiveness Meditation (PDF)

The 37 practices for Recovery Dharma (PDF)

The Practice (Short Form)

Metta Meditation (PDF)

Recovery Dharma Book (PDF)

The Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path (PDF)

Appreciative Joy Meditation (PDF)

Inquiry Questions Reordered (PDF) Written by Sangha Member Kit O’Sullivan

Dedication of Merit (PDF)

Compassion Meditation (PDF)

Recovery Dharma Tri-fold Pamphlet-1 (DOCX)


Meditation for Sitting with Difficult Emotions (PDF)

How to Start an Intersangha Group (PDF)


Impermanence Meditation (PDF)

Inquiry question deck-1 (PDF)


First Foundation of Mindfulness Meditation: Breath and Body (PDF)

rda-games (PDF)


Second Foundation of Mindfulness Meditation: Feeling Tone (PDF)

trifold-3 (PDF)


Third Foundation of Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness of Mind (PDF)

 RD Friends Act (Site)


Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness of Mind (PDF)

Meeting Safety Statements — Recovery Dharma (Site)